Project Manager (CAC and DPH Inspector/Assessor) – Orange, CA

Posted: Mar 08, 2018

A-Tech Consulting, Inc. (A-Tech) is a premier, full service, environmental consulting firm serving all areas of California and Nevada. We are a proven leader in solving our clients’ environmental challenges throughout each phase of a project. A-Tech is dedicated to improving quality of the environment in which you live, work and play. We are looking for a Project Manager to join our team.

Project Manager should have comprehensive capability to perform all tasks of a Senior Level Field Technician. They should have evolved into comprehensive understanding of how to conduct mold inspections, mold clearance testing, and various IAQ inspections and be able to comprehend, evaluate and arrive to conclusion based on analytical data. They should be able to have extensive communication skills to manage clients and other staff including comprehensive training of Jr. Field Technicians and provide support and training to Field Technician I staff. Persons hired at this level will review the A-Tech Procedures Training Manual and all documentation and procedures (medical surveillance, respirator fit test, background screening, etc.) will be completed in accordance with this manual.

Project Manager Duties:

  • Train new hires that are Jr. Field Technicians or Field Technician 1
  • .Foster client relations. Be able to communicate project scopes of services and provide updates to clients and management proficiently and professionally.
  • Have extensive experience conducting Procedure 5 Assessments and producing Procedure 5 Work plans
  • Competently perform AHERA Initial Inspections and Re inspections for school districts
  • Competently perform TEM Clearances per AHERA requirements
  • Competently perform mold assessments, mold remedial scopes of work and clearances. Competently evaluate analytical results
  • Be able to produce and review accurate asbestos, lead and mold reports and provide comprehensive recommendations.
  • Be able to produce and review accurate asbestos, lead and mold scopes of work.
  • Have a basic understanding of an Asbestos, Lead and Mold Operations and Maintenance Plan.
  • Have comprehensive knowledge of regulatory requirements or guidelines for Cal-OSHA safety, Asbestos, Lead and Mold.
  • Have comprehensive understanding of Infection Control Protocols and how to implement them preferred.
  • Have gained and continue to evolve in competency in environmental testing and reporting procedures such as Legionella testing, Radon testing, Construction Monitoring, VOC testing, dosimeter monitoring, and biohazard assessments preferred. Properly analyze asbestos PCM samples per NIOSH 7400B counting rules
  • Thorough knowledge of chain-of-custody procedures
  • Understanding of respitory requirement (respirator use, medical surveillance, fit testing, etc.)
  • Must be able to pass an asbestos physical, including pulmonary function test

Certifications and Minimum Requirements:

  • Must be a Certified Asbestos Consultant.
  • Must be a DPH certified Inspector/Assessor, additional Project Monitor certification preferred.
  • Must have a minimum of five-ten years training/experience in the industry.
  • Must have comprehensive report and technical writing and typing skills and be able to comprehensively review reports.• Must be able to communicate with clients in a professional and experienced manner
  • Must have retained additional certifications such as a certified mold inspector, certified infection control consultant, certified radon inspector or other approved applicable certifications (must have obtained the above additional certifications or equivalent).
  • Must have operating vehicle, current driver’s license, registration, auto insurance and capable to commute to various project.
  • To apply, please send resume to