Field Technician – Orange, CA

Posted: Mar 08, 2018

A-Tech Consulting, Inc. (A-Tech) is a premier, full service, environmental consulting firm serving all areas of California and Nevada. We are a proven leader in solving our clients’ environmental challenges throughout each phase of a project. A-Tech is dedicated to improving quality of the environment in which you live, work and play. We are looking for a Field Technician to join our team.

Job Description for Field Technician I (CSST and DPH Sampling Tech or Inspector/Assessor)

Field Technician I staff should have solid comprehension of how to perform asbestos and lead surveys and monitoring activities in accordance with all applicable regulations. Technician should know how to properly assess a property, safely obtain samples and complete all required documentation. Technician should have basic understanding of how to conduct a mold inspection and conduct mold clearance testing. Technician should be able to have basic communication capability with clients and other staff including basic training of Jr. Field Technicians. Persons hired at this level will be trained by the A-Tech Procedures Training Manual and all documentation will be completed in accordance with this manual.

Certifications and Minimum Requirements:

  • Must be a fully CA DOSH Certified Site Surveillance Technician (CSST)
  • Must have a minimum of one-year training/experience in the industry• Must be able to pass background check
  • Must have comprehensive writing and typing skills• Must have comprehensive knowledge of building design and know names of common construction materials
  • Must have either DPH Sampling Technician or Inspector/Assessor Certifications
  • Must have NIOSH 582B Training and be able to analyze asbestos PCM Samples
  • Must have operating vehicle, current driver’s license, registration, auto insurance and capable to commute to various project sites
  • Operating cell phone

Asbestos, Mold and Lead Surveys:

  • Identify, comprehend, and apply regulatory requirements to each project and situation.
  • Can collect appropriate samples comprehensively and discreetly. Obtain proper quantity of samples for the project per regulatory/industry guidelines requirements
  • Have basic understanding of how to conduct a Procedure 5 Assessment under the direction of a CAC.
  • Complete all required paperwork in a legible and thorough manner• Hand draft floor plans of all areas surveyed
  • Obtain pictures that are clear and cover all sampled materials• Quantify all materials sampled
  • Be trained and know how to safely operate a XRF machine
  • Know how to properly obtain mold surface and air samples and document all findings
  •  Know regulatory levels for positive materials for asbestos and lead.

Asbestos, Lead, Infection Control and Mold Project Monitoring and Clearances:

  • Identify, comprehend and apply regulatory requirement to each project and situation
  • Obtain required air, surface or bulk samples and complete documentation for this task
  • Can properly communicate, oversee and direct abatement company staff and supervisor
  • Document, at a minimum, hourly on all project tasks occurring on the project, including any deficiencies of the abatement team or any regulatory agencies, customers, unauthorized or authorized visitors to the project site. Documentation must be thorough and legible
  • Have basic understanding of Infection Control procedures and ensure contractors are following all procedures and can provide solutions to any breeches in Infection Control Protocol, preferred
  • Obtain proper clearance samples for asbestos PCM and TEM, lead wipe, soil and air, and mold air and surface samples. Must know regulatory clearance levels for asbestos and lead.
  • Properly analyze asbestos PCM samples per NIOSH 7400B counting rules
  • Thorough knowledge of chain-of-custody procedures• Understanding of respiratory requirement (respirator use, medical surveillance, fit testing, etc.)
  • Must be able to pass an asbestos physical, including pulmonary function test.

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